Managing Your To-Do List

When you have to juggle as many tasks as Realtors you can definitely use a great tool to help you keep track of all those things that have to be done. Keeping up to date with what needs done and has been completed can be a problem; however, with the help of this great tool, you’ll be able to get your task list tamed in short order!

Basecamp LogoBasecamp is a project management tool used frequently in businesses large and small to keep everything organized and getting done in a timely manner. I use it to keep track of  what each agent needs done on each listing and closing, putting together their ezine, and so much more. To get you started, Basecamp offers one free project to everyone.

Here’s a breakdown of how you too can get organized!

  1. Set up your Basecamp account
  2. Set up your first project
  3. Set up a to-do list (set it as a template)
  4. Add tasks
  5. Create milestones for when you need them completed
  6. Invite users (like your assistant)

Once you have done all that, you can begin using the system. I know at first it seems like a lot of work, but imagine if you did this for every listing. What would happen if you set your To-Do list as a template? It would only take you a few seconds to set up each new listing in the system and you would be able to stay on top of it at all times. That’s why I absolutely LOVE Basecamp! To learn more about the system, click here.

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